Weirdness every Friday afternoon @ the Chinatown / Gallery Place Metro

Every Friday afternoon an extremist group called the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge assembles in front of the Chinatown / Gallery Place Metro station at 7th and H NW.

ISUPK has been out there once or twice a week since 2004.  They’ve been known to demonstrate in our neck of the woods on 8th Street NE and H, but these days they seem to prefer to set up at their Chinatown location.

The anti-homosexual, black supremacist views expressed by ISUPK and their loud volume levels cause many D.C. residents to be highly annoyed by their presence.

There’s a lot of racial and socioeconomic tension due to the recent gentrification that’s been going on in this city.   But when ISUPK is out there blasting their rants at 90 decibels or more, you can definitely feel the tension in the air.  Chinatown on a Friday afternoon is worth checking out for anyone wanting to get a taste of some of that.

7th and H NW on a Friday afternoon is a great location for people watching.  The large ISUPK group always manages to draw in a small, curious, multicultural crowd.


Beneath the confrontational tactics, loud volume levels, provokative uniform and militant attitude ISUPK seems to function in pretty much the same way as a traditional church.  Most of the rants have a traditional conservative Christian angle.  The “you’re all going to hell” style is very similar to the tone of fundamentalist Jack Chic comic booklets.

ISUPK’s flamboyant website is definitely worth a look.  They have a number of podcasts available for purchase, one of which is called “Pimpin”.  (I bought it and uploaded it to soundcloud for anyone who wants to check it out, and there are podcasts with different topics available on the website.)  The recordings are basically a quieter version of the group’s amplified street rants.  I included a summary and a few quotes after the break.

“Pimpin” begins with a admonition against blacks for mourning the death of rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and goes into a general critique of black culture.  Jay-Z, 50 cent and others are called out for “glorifying evil”.  The speaker is often interrupted by his assistant who occasionally shouts out bible verses.  The importance of committed relationships is repeatedly emphasized.  Underneath all the provokative language and slang ISUPK is basically calling for a return to traditional values.


“It’s a great evil that’s going on in our community, man.  But by the grace of the most high in Christ, we’re gonna talk about it.  We’re gonna bring this out.  I know your preacher won’t.  Your preacher is just a much a pimp as anyone else out on the street.”

“We are a sinful nation.  Like we are people that love to sin.  We love it.  We prefer it.  And that’s why we came here on slave ships.  That’s why we have crack in our ghetto.  It ain’t got nothing to do with an economic program or lack of education or a lack of anything, man.  It got to do with: we are a people that have always loved evil.  And it’s because of that that the Lord brought us to America in slave ships.”

“The pimps back in the 70s that everybody love and talk about with the high – with the – what you call them shoes again dog?  The platform shoe with the big high shoes, the fur coats, the big hats –  Huggy Bear!  The big hats… what does that sound like?  That’s a cross dresser, brother.  The pimps back in the 70s was faggots!”

“Faggots go hand in hand.  Faggots go hand in hand.  Faggots go hand in hand, brother, with whores.  The more a brother tries to pimp out a woman, the more feminine he become.  Because that’s where he get his money from.”

“Since gator shoes is so important that you’ve got to sell your own daughters, that you’ve got to sing about the death and murder of your people like it’s wonderful.  Then you die here in America.  Since it’s so damn great to you.  You die here, 50 cent.  You die here, Jay-Z.”

“We got to have more dignity and pride, man.  You simple minded knuckle heads running around, all running up and down the street like you got some wisdom and you wise or something.  You stupid man.  You destroying the same people you need.  The same people you a part of.”

“Don’t you know it’s against God’s law to marry a woman of another nation?  Some of you brothas since you can’t straighten out that psychological woman all messed up, you run out there now and go get you a woman from another nation.  Uh-uh, brotha.”


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