The Hideaway

The Hideaway is coming along

We’re making plenty of progress.  We want the Hideaway to be a whole lot more than a crash pad for anyone who wants to visit D.C.  We want it to be an experience to remember.

One of the best things about this District Hideaway project is that we get to reap all the benefits of living in a sanctuary for artists and writers every day.  We’re finding that the more we organize and improve our space and get it ready for others, the more we feel inspired to create.  Of course, buying new things for the space is fun too.  One amenity, though, that we don’t have (and will never have) is a television.

Actually yesterday was more about destruction than creation.  We took a look at some of our own belongings and decided that we didn’t have much need for most of it.  Now everything is clean, maybe even a little empty.  That’s fine.   We have big plans, and those plans will require space.

For one thing, paintings need to be hung on the walls.  They’ve been sitting aside or tucked into corners for too long.  We’ve been living here for years but until recently seemed as though we just moved in.  Yesterday Tom Waits bellowed in the background while we finally unpacked and made ourselves at home.  For some reason he makes good music for working.  Maybe it’s all the clunk and wheeze of those antique instruments or all the yelling about mules and crows.  We untangled and reorganized a seemingly endless collection of electronic cords, dusted, cleaned the floors and and taped off the ceiling.

Before the paintings can be hung on the walls, those walls need to be painted.  We came up with a new color scheme for the interior. While we were at it we also reorganized the bedroom.

This evening I was able to get a little bit of work done on the website.  I also set up shop on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s truly been a revelation to find out that there are so many travel bloggers out there already.  It’s good to know that there’s a huge subculture of people who are doing something different instead of living out some one-size-fits-all, lifeless, cookie cutter lifestyle that they don’t even make them happy.  Rock on.


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