The Hideaway

The hideaway is almost complete

Last weekend we started making our home ready to host artists, writers, students and all kinds of interesting people from all over the world.  We still have a lot to do. Here’s the list: repaint the walls in the living room, re-organize the studio, arrange furniture, hang paintings, do a photo shoot of the space and finish this website.

We’re also considering purchasing some additional amenities.  A new oak desk with an antique typewriter and a fresh batch of art supplies are at the top of the list.  A wine list is in the works.  We are also coming up with lesson plans for classes that we plan to teach here, and we’re looking at soundproofing methods to see if the art studio could also function as a recording studio.

On this blog you’ll find regular updates about anything having to do with D.C.  Check it out for a unique point of view on life in the District.

We’re currently looking for other blogs about D.C. or blogs about hosting an artist retreat/workshop, so if that’s you drop us a line.
-Amanda and Alex

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